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Works well

Have had mine for over half a year. No problems. Not paying 80$ a month for cable.
Lon M. Harmon

Worth this money

Finally get rid of cable and their ridiculous bill for miserably few contents. They raised my basic charge to $100 after years of loyalty! Now Monsterbox saved me over $100 per month. Thank you Monsterbox!
Sharonda J. Grubbs

Best TV box and No More TV CABLE BILLS!

I can't tell you how much I love this Monsterbox! Compared to Amazon Firestick, this is BRILLIANT. After connecting to TV and internet, and installing a few apps, I can enjoy everything. There are also video tutorials about how to use it. Awesome customer service!
Robert L. Lewis

Highly recommended

I've had one of these for 5mo., I couldn't be happier, I get brand new movies, everyday more are added, the picture is great, even if they canceled it tomorrow,I would feel I got my money's worth. Truly recommended.
John J. Tutt
AB, Canada

Love Monsterbox

I really love the box and being able to have tv. I've already watched 100+ good movies and lots of tv. Enjoying the 24/7 CSI, and love it!
Mary P. Burks

Absolutely the BEST, NO B.S.

Been buying Android tv boxes for yrs, since 2015 and this Monsterbox is absolutely the best, easiest and user friendly device I have ever owned, I am getting more while I can because this is honestly too good to be true, real live tv y'all!! Premium cable channels no b.s. Don't ask me how, I just know it works like a M.F.!! Fo real.. I took pics to show y'all how small it actually is, I took a video to show y'all me watching a TV show.. Clear as day, no buffering at all ever.. No links to select, type n movie or show, it comes up, u press play, it plays.. Haven't even had to use customer service yet actually.. I own a jailbroken Nvidia shield as well, bought these both around the same time, the Nvidia was crap, in fact I'm returning it and will use the refund to buy another one of the X1 Max.. If your on the fence about this I feel you, but, this is legit... I am not paid to leave this review either but I like it so much I would do it for free, good looking out Monsterbox!
Antony J. Hancock

Very satisfied

We have had our Monsterbox for a month and love it. Saving over $150 month. It works in UK also. It would be better if it has UK channels, but still love it.
Kurtis J. Hansen

I wish I had found this Monsterbox earlier

I've tried several different types of TV boxes. All seemed lacking something or they had to constantly be reprogrammed. I gave the Monsterbox a try cause a friend had such great things to say about it. Now that I've gotten a chance to try it out he was right about it. Easy to setup and just much plug and play. So much to watch on this box you will never get bored with it. The other bonus is their customer service really is 24/7. I've had a couple questions when I first received it and they respond right away. Wish would have skipped buying all the other types of boxes a long time ago and got the monsterbox. Telling ya it's worth every dollar. Dont bother with anything else
Laura W. Motsinger

No complaints! Shipped quickly and service is good

My friend bought a X1 Max few weeks ago, so he recommended me to get one to get rid of the cable fee. I received the box yesterday, everything is the same as the promotion says. I like that I can have a place to keep all of my apps in one convenient place. I don't have so my interruptions as I had before like other android devices. I also love the fact that you just need to install the Sterling Live, VOD and Playback, no need to log into any app or channel. Definitely one of the best buys I have made. This keeps my box in a convenient place on the back of the tv.
Thomas K. Brantley

Great service, lots of channels. Quality and service is the best

I am enjoying the New Monster Box Max, there are so many channels and up to date Movies right after releasing will tell friends and family of the Great help and programming that is available
Sharon R. Segura

works great no problem so far

It works I. Happy with it would recommend
Irene A. Hoffman

The service is great except for a little lagging here and there.

Great program, but sometimes it had issues like the skipping on the streaming. Other than that it is worth the money
Nelson I. Ramirez

Product as accurate as described! This is what I wanted

I've had everything from Fire Sticks, to Fire box, to Mi box, to beelink and now this Monsterbox. Nothing holds a candle to this beautiful piece of technology.
Compared to the others, everything is just smooth and fast.
If you're debating on whether paying premium price for this premium box is worth it, it is. I'm so glad I finally just bit the bullet and went for it
Steve P. Curtis
Wallaceville, NZ

Love my product

I love this and am super happy with my purchase. Works great here in Australia
Ray B. Avery

I'm very happy with the product. Easy to set up.

I have been using monsterbox for about 3 weeks now. I had no idea about android boxes before purchasing this X1 Max. This is a remarkable box and was super easy to setup. I would recommend this box to anyone that will listen. Strongly I would suggest you drop cable and start enjoying easy TV. No big cable bills anymore. Thanks.
Lillian J. Green

Amazing product!! All the TV you could ever wish for!! FANTASTIC!!

I bought the Monsterbox x1max to replaced the 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV box. This box is faster and manages the 4GB of memory more efficiently than my old firetv. Really have nothing to complain about.
Here are a few reasons why I switched over to the Monsterbox:
1. Tired of the Fire TV UI with all of its annoying ads & filler trash everywhere.
2, Monsterbox’ Sterling Live support free HD live sports games
3, Monsterbox’ Sterling VOD has the latest movies and shows
4, a very easy setup Android TV Box
5, support 7 days playback sports games
Adam E. Hanson

Pretty cool lots of channels highly recommend it enjoy

So far so good on the purchase and the seller has been very helpful with a question I asked. Item was packaged very well, shipped as stated, no issues with installation/connection. definitely would purchase from this shop again, if needed.
Edward E. Witt

Thanks great product

Very interactive and communicated with me every step of the way. Went out of his way to add certain games i was looking for onto system for me. Responded back to inquiries in a quick timely fashion. Order was shipped in a well packaged manner removing any possible jostling items could have had inside.
Marilyn R. Harris

Great Product. Recommend to all my friends.

Better and more channels than any cable provider has. With 4k resolution on every channel, it's worth the one time purchase of the box to save thousands of dollars of cable fees in the long wrong. It's truly a great investment.
Brent K. Mansfield

Terrific Product. Very satisfied

I was actually frustrated with my cable bill raise last month and was $120+ for just a few TV channels. I saw this monsterbox review on youtube. I was skeptical at first. AMAZING, it actually works as the review says! These guys delivered it quickly and the setup was simple. Very happy! I highly recommend this box.
Melinda S. Arellano

Excellent product I am very happy with my service thank you.

I got the product within 5 days after ordering it. I am enjoying this monsterbox x1 maz 2021, there are so many channels and up-to-date movies right after release. My main purpose is to watch live TV channels from the Usa and Canada. Monsterbox has it all. I will tell my friends and family about this great device.
Joe E. Worthey

Great product. very satisfied.

awesome awesome awesome..... all that I had to do is download Sterling Live Sterling VOD and Playback from the app store.... super super..... this is what you called the real plug and play android tv box.... i love it....
Robert T. Bernard

Excellent, no complaints!

Works very good. Wish it has more local channels added would of have been ++ . Also if it has international channels would of been pretty good. Other than that it works pretty good.
Laverne J. Hernadez
Lohrheim, DE

Great service!

The box is really worth the money I spend. Best and fast customer service. When I got the box, the power adapter was not working but I contacted monsterbox and they send me one new adapter separately for no cost.
Daryl C. Bell

One of the best streaming services, totally satisfied!

Thanks for helping me set up. It was really easy. Almost plug and play. I am just blown away by the content and the quality of the live tv channels. Best investment ever
Beatrice J. Rinaldi

This item was everything that it says it is. If ever a day you want to cut the cord as many have mentioned before this is a service that you should be looking to

A little pricey but, to me, worth the extra $$$ to go with the Monsterbox X1 Max. It has all the applications I want to access and livetv and movies (Sterling live, sterling vod), which is the main reason I bought it.Otherwise it plays every format, which hasn't worked with all the other stream boxes I bought over the years. The sterling VOD was excellent. It does everything all the others did and is easier to use. The Monsterbox is good at accessing the apps but does not play many of the games I like. I waited a few years but glad I took the gamble........I love it. The remote is works good and is easy to use. 5 stars. Will get a couple more for my family.
Mario M. Benavidez

As far as activating the serviceI am pleased. I will be ordering again soon.

It is a lot better than giving money to the cable every month. you get all channels with one single 399 dollar purchase for a lifetime. I give 100 star
Jose M. Haith

Only one night, but, I love the box so far.

Got it yesterday. Works exactly as they wrote here. I don't need to pay for cable again from now. I am happy.
Marie D. Lockhart

Awesome service highly recommend

I will share this box with my friends, it is worth buying, I believe they will all like it.
Stephen H. Loving