We welcome your interest in our business. Monsterbox is one of the best IPTV box providers in the USA and Canada. With our more than 10 years of experience in other IPTV markets, we are growing rapidly and offering excellent profits.

Why Become Our Authorized Distributor?

  • Our Monsterbox has been sold worldwide for over 5 years with proven results, over 200k customers are using our service
  • We offer our Monsterbox at competitive prices, whatever you are a mature reseller in the IPTV market, or a starter, you will get guaranteed profit easily
  • We provide marketing materials for you to promote your business
  • We have a dedicated support team from sales, customer service and technical. You can save time from after-sale and concern on promoting your business

We welcome you to join the Monsterbox family. Let us know whenever you want to try our product or work with us. We’ll stay in touch with advice and support, and help keep you easy understanding our project and distributor programme.

We aim to provide cheap, stable and great quality TV service to people, helping them get rid of expensive cable bills and enjoy more entertainment from Monsterbox. We are waiting for you to help us achieve this goal together.

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