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Michael, founder of Monsterbox, IT Director from AT&T, knew that most people from the US and Canada are suffering from expensive cable fees. Michael starts the project Monsterbox, aim to provide affordable entertainment to more people

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After 2 years of R&D with a 10 people team led by Michael, Monsterbox was born in late 2017 as a beta version, with only about 30 channels, 100 movies and shows.

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With more and more efforts putting into improvement and optimising, Sterling TV has upgraded with different transmission system, providing stable service with four separate US servers in Los Angeles, Oklahoma, Atlanta and New York, two separate Canada servers in Ontario and Alberta. Monsterbox already obtained hundreds of users in late 2018.

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In the year 2019, Monsterbox has already provided the best iptv service to thousands of customers who want to cut cable. More and more contents are kept updating with. At the end of the year 2019, Monsterbox provides 800+ Live Tv Channel now including Premium Sports, 5,000+ Movies and TV shows.

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Up to now, Monsterbox has been the leading Iptv Service provider across the USA and Canada, providing people with the best and affordable entertainment. Now Monsterbox has over 1,000 Live Tv Channel with Pay Per View and Premium Sport, over 10,000 Videos On Demand including Movies, Tv Shows and parental content.
We maintain our top quality customer service to build up good relationships with our loyal customers, that’s why there are already over 100,000 people who cut their cable and turn to Monsterbox. We guarantee that your television viewing experience would be revolutionized and save thousands of money!



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Updated and classic, documentaries, cartoons, xxx contents



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